My Gear

I have been shooting Nikon since 2016.  My first Nikon was the D500, and I still love this camera.  It’s fast, handles low light very well for a DX sensor camera.  In 2021 I purchased a Nikon Z6II and fell in love.  While the focus may not be as quick as the D500 everything else about this camera blows the D500 away.  I often carry my D500 with me for close up shots at games and events, and I feel like I have stepped back in time when I put my eye to the optical viewfinder.  The Z6II, and mirrorless cameras, in general are the future of photography there is no doubt.  I am on the waiting list for the Z9, and really can’t wait to get my hands on this camera!


Where do I start?  I guess the best place is a look at my gear list on at DPReview

I have a little bit of everything from supertelephoto to wide angle primes.  For sports my go to is the 300mm/F2.2, for Astro the Iris 15mm/F2.4 is really nice.  I really love the Nikon 24-70 F/4 S lens for just a great all around lens.  It’s always in my bag no matter what I am shooting.  A new one that I also never leave home without is the new 40mm F/2 Z lens.  I love the depth of field you get from this lens.  I can’t wait to see what Nikon continues to release in the Z Lineup.  The 400mm F/2.8 is definitely on my radar!


I am currently packing up my gear in a Vanguard Veo Select 49.  This bag is great, and I can pack both camera bodies and 4-6 lens in it.


Nikkor 40mm F2 Sample Image